Metropolitan. The Scientific Journal is a new metropolitan scientific journal.

It deals with the organization and functioning of the metropolises, as well as local government units, and it refers to their legal, administrative, urban, social and economic aspects. Due to the interdisciplinary character of the magazine and its specialization, the Metropolitan approaches the problems of modern metropolises in a comprehensive manner.

The Metropolitan focuses on, in particular:

– national self-government policy, including metropolitan and urban policies;

– local government (voivodships, poviats and communes, as well as their unions and associations) and metropolis system;

– implementation of public services by local government units, as well as their unions and associations;

– participation of non-governmental organizations, urban and residents’ movements in the implementation of local government services;

– shaping and conducting spatial policy, as well as other related policies;

– revitalization of degraded areas;

– protection of monuments and cultural heritage in spatial planning and investment process;

– protection of landscape, environment and nature in spatial planning and investment process.

The journal publishes papers (articles, positions, comments, etc.) written in Polish and English.

The Metropolitan is published in a digital form on the WWW, and also sent out by a newsletter. Access to all its releases is free of charge. Subsequent issues of the magazine are available on the web platform at: